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                  Quality Policy: Take quality management as the key to survival, ensure customers’ satisfaction. Take technological innovation as an impetus to development, forge name brands of JOEL.   Business Concept:Take brand as a link, and creating values together with you.   Corporate Spirit :Solidarity,Devoted, Down to Earth, Innovative
                Today is:
                Joel Plastics
                  UFC grade composite pellets
                  Urea Moulding Compound(granules)
                  Use of products
                Joel formaldehyde
                  Address: Nandu Town, Liyang City Industrial Zone No. 6 (at 104 State Road 1224 km)
                TEL:0086 519 87685555  87685628
                FAX:0086 519 87685698
                Contact: Mr. Li,xiao
                Mobile: 0086 13625113065
                Company Website:/
                Company E-mail:czjoel@163.com

                  Address: The 8th Innovation Road Nandu Town, Liyang City
                TEL:0086 519 68696803  68696805
                FAX:0086 519 68696806
                Contact: Mr. Di  0086 13801495028
                        Shaw  0086 15995059194
                Company Website:
                Company E-mail:czjoel@163.com

                     Talent is the most valuable wealth of enterprise, is to maintain the link of the enterprise, is the soul of the company. Companies believe in people-oriented management, attaches great importance to the talent cultivation and development, and to create conditions for the growth of talent, to do with career advancement opportunities, to attract and retain talented people to develop in order to leave a person culture.

                Copyright @ 2010 Changzhou Joel Plastics Co., Ltd. All rights reserved. TEL:0086 519 87685555 FAX:0086 519 87685698 Su ICP 10055099
                Address:Jiuxian Industrial Zone,Nandu Town,Liyang City, Jiangsu Province,China(located in 1224 kilometers in the National Highway 104)